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We provide skills, learning experiences, education, and technical assistance to empower artisan entrepreneurs of Friendship Bridge to reach their potential and sell independently in new local, national, and international markets.

Testimonials ✍️

Over the past 7 years I have bought quite a few different items made by the women artisans who are clients of Friendship Bridge.  I have purchased items at Tipca sales, from the online store, and in person on a 2017 trip to Guatemala.  I have been without exception pleased with the quality of these items.   Friendship Bridge mentors their clients to be successful requiring that their products be of the best quality.  I have shopped in markets and Fair Trade shops that had goods that while they were “ handmade” they were not “well made”.  The items sold on the Friendship Bridge online store have been consistently of a high standard:  Seams are finished and sturdy, beaded jewelry is on strong thread with good clasps, zippers are reliable and don’t jam or break.  The beaded pens I purchased feel good in my hand and the ink cartridge is good and replaceable.  I feel confident buying anything in the store knowing that if I give them as gifts they will be appreciated.  If for my own home, they will be durable as well as beautiful. 


Working with Friendship  Bridge is an easy wholesale shopping experience.  The designs are fresh and the workmanship is excellent.  Products come neatly packaged and the labels contain the signature of the artists.  The packing slips are clearly labeled.  Questions are immediately answered.  Just nice people to work with.


We couldn't be more pleased, the products and services are absolutely fantastic!

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When you donate by July 31, your donation will be matched by a generous $3k distribution from the Marilyn Lone Endowment for Artisans.