To meet the unique needs of the agriculture sector, we designed our Women’s Agriculture Credit & Training program to give our clients access to new markets through specially designed credit products, technical training, risk mitigation services, business assistance, and access to value chain participants.

The Agriculture Credit & Training program has long-term goals to do the following:

bolster sustainable agriculture practices among small-scale farmers

drive economic development in entire communities using Friendship Bridge’s proven lending and education model

create self-reliant community agriculture groups

raise income for rural, impoverished agrarian families

involve our clients more strategically in their family businesses


Ana, a Women’s Agriculture and Credit Training Participant “With one pound of my seeds, I can only cultivate one acre. With their new techniques,
I can cultivate three acres. These different techniques matter. By the acre, we used to harvest 18 sacks of medium-sized onions and now

“We’re harvesting 22 sacks of high-quality onions
and getting a better price at the market.”