What is Handmade by Friendship Bridge® doing to support artisans during the coronavirus pandemic?

We are committed to keeping our team and artisan clients safe as we experience ongoing changes during the COVID-19 outbreak. We are encouraging our artisans to remain home. We are working to make sure their orders are paid in full so they can continue earning income. We are encouraging them to stay in regular communication with us via telephone so they feel less isolated and remain engaged in their businesses. 


I hear you’re selling COVID-19 face masks! How were these masks made?

Masks were hand-sewn by our clients with repurposed textile materials from either their homes or places of business. Each mask is 100% cotton and all materials have been pre-washed and are therefore pre-shrunk. Masks will be delivered ready for you to safely sanitize in your home wash. 


Are your masks for local use or medical professional use? 

Our textile reusable face masks are for local use and unless you are using a N95 mask under it, we do not recommend them for medical professional use. Friendship Bridge, its clients, and employees make no claims to the effectiveness of wearing these masks. Use at your own risk and with good hygiene practices.


What is the proper way to wear my face mask?

Both styles of masks are designed to secure around the face with four 16'' ties for an adjustable fit. Our designs do not include elastic in the bands. Tie the top knot just below the crown of the head and the bottom knot low on the nape of the neck. Bundles include slight variations in sizing to help with the fit of different shapes of faces.


Should I wash my face mask?

Yes. Masks will arrive ready to be sanitized safely in your home wash. We recommend following best practices from the CDC regarding proper use and frequency of washing of hand made face masks. See more info here.

  • Important: Please wash your face masks at home before wearing them. Colors from our masks may bleed onto other items, so please wash separately.


Do you ship outside of the United States?

Sometimes. Please email us at handmade@friendshipbridge.org with the Subject Line: International Shipping and we will calculate whether or not we can ship to your address. Please include the following:

  • Your Name

  • The product(s) you wish to order and any color or design preferences

  • Full Shipping Address


Can I modify my existing order?

We cannot modify existing orders in our system except to refund or partially refund non-mask items. This is for our clients’ data protection.


Can I return my mask(s)?

Thank you for understanding that we are not accepting returns for these items. We are happy to honor returns on any items other than face masks.


Is there any danger in shipping items to me? 

No. The CDC has confirmed that there is no evidence that the virus can be transferred on your package. All the same, we ship via DHL from Guatemala to our US office; DHL is working as normal in Guatemala and has its own airplane to mitigate exposure. Once packages arrive from Guatemala, they are handled by limited teammates and shipped with the least exposure possible.


How long will it take to receive my order?

Our available items are still shipping out of Lakewood, CO via USPS. We include tracking numbers on all orders, so you can keep an eye on your package! Currently, the standard time from the USPS is 1-3 business days.


Is Handmade by Friendship Bridge® making new items at this time?

Absolutely! Our artisans are creative and will be thinking about their next designs to share as soon as possible.


Are you still launching product catalogs?

We will be launching catalogs as planned, although order fulfillment will be dependent on safety conditions for our clients in Guatemala and the US.  Email handmade@friendshipbridge.org for access to our new wholesale online store so you can get in on pre-orders!


How can I support Handmade by Friendship Bridge® during this time?

  • Please consider adding a donation to your purchase to support the women we serve in Guatemala. You can donate following this link: https://www.friendshipbridge.org/donate/  - Any donation amount can be added to your transaction at checkout.

  • You can also get a head start on a birthday present, wedding gift, or something extra to treat yourself by adding more items to your shopping cart. Every day our clients are asking if they have any new orders and we’d be delighted to tell them yes!

  • Sign up for our newsletter to hear stories from our artisan clients and get the latest news about our work.