San Lucas Tolimán Huipil

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San Lucas Tolimán is located in Sololá, within the Lake Atitlán basin. This place is very beautiful not only for the tourist sites to visit, but also for the people, nature, and culture. The huipil of San Lucas Tolimán is made up of zigzags representing the volcanoes that surround Lake Atitlán, this community is located on the shore of the lake and the color it has is due to the environment in which this place is located, its beautiful textile has ancestral figures that for years have been part of the culture of this village.

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Handmade in San Lucas Tolimán, Sololá by Irma Dora.

Measurements: 22" W x 18" H. It has open sides.

Material: 100% cotton.

ENGLISH: At age seven, Dora began suffering abuse from an adult who lived in her home. At age 11, she started taking jobs as a house cleaner in other people’s homes to avoid the abuse. When she finally told her mother, she didn’t believe her. She married at 18 in order to leave her parents; she had five children but only three survived. She learned a new braiding technique called trenzado, which generated more income for her business, and has seen many positive changes since joining a Friendship Bridge Trust Bank. She likes to participate in different educational training sessions for personal growth, so that she can help her children have better opportunities. Dora also wants victims of abuse and harassment to be heard, believed, and helped.

ESPAÑOL: A los siete años, Dora empezó a sufrir abusos por parte de un adulto que vivía en su casa. A los 11 años, empezó a aceptar trabajos de limpieza en casas ajenas para evitar los abusos. Cuando finalmente se lo contó a su madre, ésta no le creyó. Se casó a los 18 años para dejar a sus padres; tuvo cinco hijos, pero sólo tres sobrevivieron. Aprendió una nueva técnica llamada trenzado, que le generó más ingresos para su negocio, y ha visto muchos cambios positivos desde que se unió a Puente de Amistad. Le gusta participar en diferentes sesiones de formación para el crecimiento personal, para poder ayudar a sus hijos a tener mejores oportunidades. Dora también quiere que las víctimas de abusos y acoso sean escuchadas, creídas y ayudadas.

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