Sololá Two-Piece Huipil

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Sololá is located in the southwestern region of Guatemala and is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country. The culture of this place is one of the most beautiful because they have very present the traditions of the ancestors, the most very important is the Mayan ceremony. People, gastronomy, and the atmosphere are what make Sololá unique, it is worth mentioning that Sololá is one of the safest places in the country. The huipil of Sololá is one of the most colorful because it is adorned with colors of nature that have very important meanings for all Sololatecos and those who wear it with pride. The red background color means blood and suffering, and the stripes that adorn the huipil mean the path and destiny. This Huipil is long-sleeved and is designed in this way because in Sololá the weather is cold. This huipil also represents strength.

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Handmade in Sololá by Francisca.


Huipil: 22" W x 19" H.

Sute: 39.5" W x 34.5" H. 

Material: 100% cotton.

ENGLISH: Francisca learned to weave at her mother’s side starting at age seven. As a teenager, she and her sister supported the family with their income, while her father and brother used their earnings to pay off the loan on their home. She had her first child at 19 but suffered emotional and psychological violence from her partner. A week after her child was born, she left her partner and began to rebuild her life. At 24, Francisca decided to further her creativity in textiles and joined Friendship Bridge. Her first loan allowed her to purchase quality yarn for her business. Over time, her business grew, she learned new skills, and made more sales.

ESPAÑOL: Francisca aprendió a tejer al lado de su madre desde los siete años. De adolescente, ella y su hermana mantenían a la familia con sus ingresos, mientras que su padre y su hermano utilizaban sus ganancias para pagar el préstamo de su casa. Tuvo su primer hijo a los 19 años, pero sufrió violencia emocional y psicológica por parte de su pareja. Una semana después del nacimiento de su hijo, dejó a su pareja y empezó a rehacer su vida. A los 24 años, Francisca decidió fomentar su creatividad en el sector textil y se unió a Friendship Bridge. Su primer préstamo le permitió comprar hilo de calidad para su negocio. Con el tiempo, su negocio creció, aprendió nuevas habilidades y realizó más ventas.


Handmade by Friendship Bridge

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