Handwoven Note Cards

Handwoven Note Cards


These stunning cards, featuring a handwoven textile, are sure to make someone smile - all you need to do is add your heartfelt words! Sold individually; each has blank interior. Blank envelope included.

Handmade in Santa Catarina Palopó, Sololá by Magdalena Ajpuz

Materials: Textiles handwoven on backstrap loom; card paper

Measurements: 5.5" W x 4” H

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Magdalena Ajpuz

Santa Catarina Palopó, Sololá - Friendship Bridge client for 20 loan cycles.

Magdalena, who lives in Santa Catarina Palopó is thankful for the opportunities the Artisan Program has provided her to further support her large family. She has nine employees who help her make these wonderful and traditional textile greeting cards as well as colorful bookmarks.