Multiset Dish Towels (X2)

Multiset Dish Towels (X2)


Kitchen tasks will seem less tedious with the help of this fun, colorful set of two generously sized - and guaranteed colorfast - dish towels. One towel features thick stripes in dark and light green, lavendar, dark purple, and tan colors; the other towel is primarily purple with thin white stripes.

Handmade in El Tablón, Sololá by Marcela Par

Materials: 100% cotton

Measurements: 26" W x 19” H

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Marcela Par

El Tablón, Sololá - Friendship Bridge’s client for 14 loan cycles.

With her big smile, tremendous joy, and motivation, Marcela weaves on her foot looms not only the fabric for these lovely dish towels, but also for shawls, totes, and throws. She has six employees able to support their own families.