Pompom Earrings

Pompom Earrings


These colorfully beaded tassel earrings are original accessories that can be combined with your necklaces. Offered in three distinct yet equally charming variations, these earrings are sure to add a splash of color to and complement a wide variety of outfits.

Handmade in San Jorge La Laguna, Sololá by Mirian Zet

Materials: Glass beads

Measurements: 4” tassel

Color Variation:
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Mirian Zet

San Jorge La Laguna, Sololá - Friendship Bridge’s client for 9 loan cycles.

Mirian has contributed not only these wonderful pompom earrings to our collection, but also the beautiful and colorful boho-tassel wire bracelets, necklaces, and eyeglasses chain. Many ladies in Mirian's town are skillful bead artisans, and Mirian is no exception. Her persistence to create unique new products makes her a key participant of our Artisan Program.