Ribbon Corte Scrunchy

Ribbon Corte Scrunchy


A colorful accessory for your hair with a playful Guatemalan twist, these embellished scrunchies add a fun touch to any hairstyle. The unique patterns and lively colors complement both casual and more formal attire well.

Handmade in Quetzaltenango by Blanca Mendez

Materials: Re-purposed corte textiles

Measurements: 9" scrunchy diameter; 15” long ribbon

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Blanca Mendez

Quetzaltenango - Friendship Bridge’s client for 11 loan cycles.

Blanca, whose dedication and passion for her work are undeniable, is so happy to be part of our Artisan Program. She has learned a great deal in her monthly Trust Bank meetings which she eagerly applies to developing her products. She has contributed these colorful and bright scrunchies to our collection.