Group Lending

Microcredit Plus

To borrow through Friendship
Bridge’s Microcredit Plus
program, women must first
form groups of 7-25 members
called Trust Banks.

Friendship Bridge’s average loan size is $318 over nine months with a 3% monthly interest rate, and our clients maintain a 98% loan repayment rate.


average loan size


loan repayment rate

Each Trust Bank co-guarantees individual member’s loans and the women participate in non-formal education sessions that are part of every monthly repayment meeting.

Ana, Friendship Bridge client: “Four years ago I had less business, and I wanted to have more goals to improve myself.

Friendship Bridge has taught me to be an entrepreneurial woman....They opened the door for me to improve my business”.

Friendship Bridge gave me confidence.

Non-Formal Education
Non-formal education is a critical component of Friendship Bridge’s Microcredit Plus program. While microcredit provides our clients with a hand up for their businesses, education provides them with an asset for life — skills and knowledge to create sustainable change for themselves, their children, and their communities.
As clients progress, they have the option of joining our Advanced Education Programs

Our educational curriculum is unique and responsive to our clients’ needs, taking into consideration that the average Friendship Bridge client has only 3.4 years of formal education, and does not read, write, or speak Spanish, Guatemala’s official language.

Lessons are interactive and are delivered through flipcharts that have illustrations and pictures to accompany any text so our pre-literate clients can follow along. Additionally, our Facilitators must speak Spanish and the local Mayan language of the Trust Banks they serve to ensure that all clients can understand the lessons.

Average Women does not read, write, or speak Spanish