Meet Marcela

Meet Marcela

Meet Marcela

Friendship Bridge client since 2006; part of Handmade by Friendship Bridge® since 2019


Marcela grew up in a three-room home in El Tablón, Sololá, where she lived with her parents and eight siblings, with adobe walls, a dirt floor, and a reed roof. She completed two years of formal education.


The Artisan’s History

Marcela’s dream as a child was to have new clothes, or at least ones in good condition—so she began to weave her own. Her mother was a weaver of traditional Guatemalan blouses and taught Marcela at a young age. She grew up around her father earning a living by selling traditional Guatemalan clothes in the market of Sololá. Now, she weaves cloth napkins, shawls, scarves, tablecloths, and other items in a variety of colors and styles.


The Friendship Bridge Impact

When Marcela’s husband turned to alcohol, he couldn’t support Marcela and their five children. He died more than 20 years ago, and that was when Marcela took the reins of her life and joined Friendship Bridge. With her first loan, she started a traditional textile business. Over the years, she’s employed many women from her community to help with orders. Through Handmade by Friendship Bridge®, she has appreciated training on the importance of consistent measurements for her products.



Marcela’s goal was to put her children through high school, which she has achieved. Her business income continues to support her needs as a single woman.

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