Alta Verapaz Huipil

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Type: Artwork

Alta Verapaz is located in the north of the country. Its name alludes to the 'true peace' with which this territory was incorporated into the Crown of Castile and evangelized without military action. It is one of the departments richest in nature in Guatemala. Among its wonders are the natural pools of Semuc Champey, in the Cahabón River, its climate is varied, due to its geographical configuration. This beautiful huipil has a very important meaning for all the people of this place; the blue color represents its rivers and the sky. The figures in this huipil are figures that belong to the culture of Alta Verapaz.

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Handmade in Alta Verapaz, Cobán by Valerin.

Measurements: 32.5" W x 17.5" H.

Material: 100% cotton.

ENGLISH: Valerin, an 18-year-old indigenous Maya Poqomchí young woman, lives in the department of Cobán, where Friendship Bridge recently opened a new branch office. Growing up, Valerin and her sisters worked alongside their single mother, who has a weaving business and sells prepared foods, in order to continue their education. Valerin recently graduated from high school and joined her mother’s business full-time. “I am fascinated with weaving textiles and combining colors because I can express my imagination in them,” Valerin says. “I use different figures that have to do with the flora and fauna of my community.” She hopes to someday rent spaces near the city center where she and her mother can open a textile store and operate their small restaurant.

ESPAÑOL: Valerin, una joven indígena maya poqomchí de 18 años, vive en el departamento de Cobán, donde Puente de Amistad abrió recientemente una nueva sucursal. Mientras crecían, Valerin y sus hermanas trabajaban junto a su madre soltera, que tiene un negocio de tejidos y vende alimentos preparados, para poder continuar con su educación. Valerin se graduó recientemente en el instituto y se incorporó al negocio de su madre a tiempo completo. “Me fascina tejer tejidos y combinar colores porque puedo expresar mi imaginación en ellos”, dice Valerin. “Utilizo diferentes figuras que tienen que ver con la flora y la fauna de mi comunidad”. Espera poder alquilar algún día un espacio cerca del centro de la ciudad donde ella y su madre puedan abrir una tienda.



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