Chichicastenango Huipil

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Type: Artwork

The Maya’s connection to the cosmos as well as to their spiritual practices are evident in this huipil’s design. The stars and the universe are represented with diamond shapes; holiness and spirituality are symbolized with “X” designs. The town of Chichicastenango is the place where the sacred Maya religious book, the Popol Vuh, was found, and the book’s rituals are embedded in the culture of the town to this day. 

“Chichi,” as the town is called by Guatemalans, is a cultural center for the K’iche’ Maya and also home to the church of Santo Tomás. Each of the church’s 18 stairs stand for one month of the Maya calendar year. The church is often used for distinctly K’iche’ Maya ceremonies with some Catholic influence. Next to the church is the popular market, at which vendors sell a wide range of products, from huipiles to traditional masks to tools, all produced in the area.

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Handmade in Chichicastenango by Juana Gloria.

Measurements: 24" W, 22" H.

Material: 100% cotton.

ENGLISH: Juana Gloria, the youngest of six siblings, remembers a childhood spent helping her father cultivate corn and beans and learning to weave from her mother. The women in her community typically marry very young, but Juana Gloria prefers to work and help support her family, including her brother who has special needs. Through Handmade by Friendship Bridge®, she’s learned about budgeting, creativity, new product development, quality control, color combination, as well as digital skills. Thanks to the success of Juana Gloria’s business, she has been able to help her family build a new house.

ESPAÑOL: Juana Gloria, la menor de seis hermanos, recuerda una infancia en la que ayudó a su padre a cultivar maíz y frijoles y aprendió a tejer con su madre. Las mujeres de su comunidad suelen casarse muy jóvenes, pero Juana Gloria prefiere trabajar y ayudar a mantener a su familia, incluido su hermano con necesidades especiales. A través de Handmade by Friendship Bridge®, ha aprendido sobre presupuestos, creatividad, desarrollo de nuevos productos, control de calidad, combinación de colores, así como habilidades digitales. Gracias al éxito de su negocio, Juana Gloria, ha podido ayudar a su familia a construir una nueva casa.


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