Huehuetenango Huipil

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The interlocking patterns in this huipil represent the union of people, and with good reason: the Huehuetenango region includes people from nine different Mayan language groups that make up roughly 70% of the area’s population. Huipil styles of the different language groups vary greatly in style and color—this one was designed to represent all cultures. The white background was chosen to represent purity; stripes signify the destiny of each person in the world.

Huehuetenango is located in the northwestern region of the country, is bordered to the north and west by Mexico, and is home to the Cuchumatanes Mountains. Certain parts can reach altitudes of up to 11,000 feet, and the region contains fewer roads than other areas of Guatemala. The heavier material used for this huipil was chosen due to the colder temperatures at high altitude. It’s unique because its design is completely woven and not hand-embroidered like many of the others.

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Handmade in Huehuetenango by Marta Imelda.

Measurements: 26" W, 23" H.

Material: 100% cotton.

ENGLISH: Marta is an indigenous woman of the Maya-mam ethnic group; she is married with one child. She studied through high school and received a teaching diploma for bilingual elementary school (Mam-Spanish). Due to the lack of opportunities as a teacher in her area, she started a business making huipiles, simple and embroidered cortes (traditional Guatemalan skirts), belts, and handbags. Marta acquired a group loan through Friendship Bridge which allowed her to buy a variety of raw materials for her business. She serves as her loan group’s president and was elected as a representative for the Friendship Bridge client committee, where she offers suggestions for improvements.

ESPAÑOL: Marta es una mujer indígena de la etnia maya-mam; está casada y tiene un hijo. Estudió el bachillerato y obtuvo el título de maestra de primaria bilingüe (mam-español). Debido a la falta de oportunidades como maestra en su zona, inició un negocio de fabricación de huipiles, cortes sencillos y bordados (faldas tradicionales guatemaltecas), cinturones y bolsos. Marta obtuvo un préstamo grupal a través de Friendship Bridge que le permitió comprar una variedad de materias primas para su negocio. Es la presidenta de su grupo de préstamo y fue elegida como representante del comité de clientes de Puente de la Amistad, donde ofrece sugerencias de mejora.


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