Nebaj Huipil

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Santa María Nebaj is one of the 21 municipalities of Quiché and is part of a region known as the Ixil Triangle. Part of the history of Nebaj has been marked by the conflict that changed the life of the Ixil community. History begins with the arrival of the Ixil people to the territory. Actually, archaeological remains have been found. This is one of the most beautiful huipils of Guatemala, it is embroidered with red, blue, yellow, green, and other colors of birds and flowers. The embroidery of this huipil is distinguished from others because it has a variety of ancient figures too. The colors represent part of its history. This huipil stands out for its colorfulness and positive energy. This is a ceremonial huipil.

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Handmade in Nebaj, Quiché by Ana.

Measurements: 22" W, 19.5" H.

Material: 100% cotton.

ENGLISH: Ana’s father abandoned the family when she was just a little girl. Though her mother remarried a man who became a good father to her, when she was 12, Ana’s mother was diagnosed with advanced arthritis and rheumatism. Ana took care of her younger siblings, learned to weave, and began receiving orders from neighbors. She progressed in learning weaving techniques, learned to embroider, and married at 17. She opened a clothing store in which she sells traditional clothing as well as sweaters, blouses, bags, and other women’s accessories. Ana enjoys Friendship Bridge’s Non-Formal Education program, where she learns about women’s rights, health, family, and business. She hopes to have children someday.

ESPAÑOL: El padre de Ana abandonó a la familia cuando ella era sólo una niña. Aunque su madre se volvió a casar con un hombre que se convirtió en un buen padre para ella, cuando tenía 12 años, a la madre de Ana le diagnosticaron artritis y reumatismo avanzados. Ana se hizo cargo de sus hermanos pequeños, aprendió a tejer y empezó a recibir encargos de los vecinos. Progresó en el aprendizaje de las técnicas de tejido, aprendió a bordar y se casó a los 17 años. Abrió una tienda de ropa en la que vende tanto prendas tradicionales como jerséis, blusas, bolsos y otros accesorios femeninos. Ana disfruta del programa de educación no formal de Friendship Bridge, donde aprende sobre derechos de la mujer, salud, familia y negocios. Espera tener hijos algún día.


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