San Marcos La Laguna Huipil

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Type: Artwork

Colorful columns of embroidery around the neckline symbolize the rainbow—a tribute to the powerful Maya goddess, Ixchel, who was goddess of the moon, of love and of the textile arts. Her name means “Lady Rainbow” and she is depicted in a variety of forms. One of these forms is called “Chak Chel”, meaning “Great Rainbow”, who is thought to bring about destruction. The Maya actually believe rainbows bring bad luck and disease, so the rainbow on this huipil has been interpreted by some to represent the indigenous people’s resistance to Spanish rule. The dominant red background is said to represent the blood of the ancestors. 

San Marcos La Laguna, on the western shore of Lake Atitlán, is a small village of less than 2,500 inhabitants, the majority of whom are Kaqchikel-speaking Maya. It’s also a place where tourists commonly visit, especially if they are interested in yoga, meditation, exploring nature, or spirituality. San Marcos is home to ancient Mayan altars, which are still used for special ceremonies today based on the Mayan calendar.

*Please note: this is a pre-order. San Marcos La Laguna Huipil will be delivered in 1.5 months after confirming your order. 

Handmade in San Marcos La Laguna, Sololá by Lucía.

Measurements: 23.5" W x 21" H when folded. It has open sides

Material: 100% cotton.

ENGLISH: Lucia has lived in the artisan village of San Marcos La Laguna all her life. She dropped out of school after sixth grade to help with the household, and learned weaving and embroidery from her mother. A mother of four, she put her talents to work by buying fabrics to embroider and sell, and her business grew. She now has two loans from Friendship Bridge that she’s invested back in her business, which has allowed her to sell products in seven different markets around Lake Atitlan. “I feel very blessed to be a part of Friendship Bridge,” Lucia says. “Throughout the years, they have never left me alone. They have advised me, encouraged me, and given me capital for my business.”

ESPAÑOL: Lucía ha vivido toda su vida en el pueblo artesano de San Marcos La Laguna. Abandonó la escuela después del sexto grado para ayudar en el hogar, y aprendió a tejer y bordar de su madre. Madre de cuatro hijos, puso en práctica su talento comprando telas para bordar y vender, y su negocio creció. Ahora tiene dos préstamos de Friendship Bridge que ha invertido en su negocio, lo que le ha permitido vender productos en siete mercados diferentes alrededor del lago Atitlán. “Me siento muy bendecida por formar parte de Puente de Amistad”, dice Lucía. “A lo largo de los años, nunca me han dejado sola. Me han aconsejado, me han animado y me han dado capital para mi negocio”.


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